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Quality Assurance

Our products and services are synonymous with quality. We adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure reliable and efficient solutions.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize our clients' needs and work closely with them to develop solutions that align with their goals and challenges.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to sustainability. Our solutions contribute to the preservation of water resources and the reduction of environmental impact.

Who we are

We have complete solutions of Water & Waste Water treatment.

Like RO Plant, Softener, Demineralized Plant, Water Filtration system, Mineral water Plant, STP, ETP, WTP, Spares & chemicals etc.

We are specialist in water & waste water Treatment Plant Recycling System. The company has a complete range of technologies, products & services. Our company is established in 2019. Currently, we have trained & experienced prfessional managers & technologist employees. Besides, efficient work force we have been able to offer this range in custom models that also with proficiency. For offering a quality of our products, for practicing fair business polices and following the client’s centric approaches, have enabled us to clients.

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We are specialist in water & waste water Treatment Plant Recycling System.

Our sophisticated facility is well handled by a team of expert professionals, who are rich experienced and qualified in this domain. Their efforts and hard working capacity has enable us in offering quality range of this products which match up with the emerging demands of clients associated with water, effluent and industrial treatment plants.

Why Choose us

There are good reasons why our brand reputation is second to none. For the most reliable system in the wastewater world, call Crystal Enviro System.


We comply with industry's best practices and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Design & Simplicity

Crystal Enviro System is passionate about applying real science to find innovative solutions to today's water challenges.


We have strong team of qualified and trained professionals who are well versed in erection, commissioning, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting

Economic Viability

Engineering economics considers most ideal design, involving low costs of metarials, best manufacturing processes and scale of production resulting in lowest capital cost.

Our Mission

Empowering people and organizations to grow into self sustaining of water requirements by providing 'an effective solution on total water management'.


Technology New production technologies, resultant effluent and variable parameters call for adopting latest technology and one has to keep abreast with latest innovations to counter such challenges.

Crystal Enviro System – Manufacturer of Sewage Treatement Plant, Effluent treatement Plant , Diffusers, Filter press ,Oil Skimmer, MBBR Media and Tube settler Media  etc. since 2019 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Crystal Enviro System is an Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Plant Manufacturer we have been in business for years.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The company provides a wide range of STP for wastewater, including odour control, disinfection, and filtration. STP plants are also a important in preventing pollution in local waterways. These treatment processes remove various contaminants from wastewater collected from various sources, including household sewage and rainwater. We are experts in SBR, MBBR, and MBR based STP (1 KLD to 500 KLD).

Water Demineralized Plants

Crystal Enviro System is reliable Demineralisation (DM) Water Treatment Plants Manufacturer.

Water Demineralized Plants

The process of demineralisation is the most common method used for water treatment. Natural water contains salts, minerals, and ions called anions, such as chloride and sulphate. While this process is necessary to prevent metal oxidation and scale formation, it also has other benefits. The removal of dissolved salts allows the purified water to have a lower pH level, essential for many industries.

Effluent Treatment Plant

An Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a machine for treating wastewater and industrial effluents.

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These effluents contain impurities that can be harmful to the environment, and these water-borne substances can come from various sources, including domestic and industrial use. The manufacturers need to install an Effluent Treatment System to remove these contaminants. We manufacture several types (including ZLD) and a range of ETP (1 KLD to 500 KLD) treatment systems.

Ultrafiltration Systems

As an Ultrafiltration System manufacturing company, we assure system performance. When it comes to determining the performance of an ultrafiltration system.

Ultrafiltration Systems

The higher the temperature, the lower the permeate rate will be. This correlation must be studied to assure that the ultrafiltration system works efficiently. In order to get the most efficient results, we should make sure to choose a manufacturer like us that can offer a wide range of Ultrafiltration System.

Water Softener Plant

As a Water Softener Plant Manufacturer company, we manufacture systems that treat the water to reduce hardness.

Water Softener Plant

This type of water treatment is popular in both industrial and household, and it has become a popular choice because of its low maintenance costs and effectiveness. Hardness is defined as the level of calcium and magnesium in water, and these can damage the pipes and appliances and cause stains. As a water softener Plant Manufacturer, we will do the proper settings for your needs.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

As a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant Manufacturer, we can supply you with all the equipment and services you need to make high-quality water.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

We offer everything you need to meet your RO-based water treatment needs, from desalination plants to industrial wastewater treatment plants. Our experienced and skilled team can create custom water plant solutions for any industry. We manufacture a wide range of RO based water treatment solutions with industrial capacity (From 100 LPH to 50000 LPH).

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For ETP, STP, DM and Industrial RO Get Free Quotation

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