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MBBR Media

Country of Origin Made in India
Method Biological Treatment
Usage To increase the amount of microorganisms available to treat the wastewater
Material Plastic
Shaping Mode Compression Molding
Capacity 3000m3
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Cubic Meter
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MBBR Media Product Description

Product Information:
K1 MBBR bio media provides the maximum surface area necessary to allow beneficial bacteria to grow and remove ammonia and nitrites from your water. Removing ammonia and nitrites from your water is essential for healthy koi (fish). The kaldnes k1 media moves around in the filter chamber the bacteria go to work and start removing the ammonia and nitrites. K1 mbbr filter media can be used for pond filters, aquaponics, hydroponics, sewage treatment, and more. This kind mbbr bio media is slightly buoyant and perfect for mechanical or biological filtration and is available in 12*25mm,or other special size request from customer.k1 mbbr media filter can widely used in waste water treatments, aquaponics, aquaculture , hydroponics , ponds ,aquarium, biological treatment of wastewater reuse, and newly built sewage treatment factory of MBBR and BAF process etc.

Additional Information

Item Code 842121
Delivery Time IMMDIATE
Production Capacity 500
Packaging Details IN BAGS



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